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Custom Printed T-Shirts -

All Over Printing / Over Sized Printing etc.

If you are looking for the Crème de la Crème of screen printing then "All Over Printing" is a process you may want to look into.  It may seem expensive for some clients needing small orders of fewer than 500 pieces, but if cost is not your main concern, all over printing is worth looking into.

When we produce a Custom All Over Printed T-Shirt for a Client we Double and Quadruple Check every facet of the job as there is Zero Tolerance for Mistakes.  Custom Printed All Over T-Shirts is not for clients who are in a RUSH.  AOP shirts take a minimum 30 days from completion of the artwork.  The presses are usually tied up 3-4 weeks out, so proper planning is essential when ordering Custom Printed All Over T-Shirts.

The Number One Question We Get is "What's It Cost?"

Here we've posted our most basic pricing "All Over Printing" NOT standard screen printing...  these rough estimates also don't account for art set up fees.  * Art Fees Can Range from $150 and Up.

All Over Printed T-Shirts - 250 Pieces Minimum

1 or 2 color Printing on the Front and Back - $18.95 per shirt. (save $3.00 if you provide your own shirt)

3 to 6 color Printing on the Front and Back - $20.95 per shirt. (save $3.00 if you provide your own shirt)

For faster Turn Around and Simpler 1 Color Print Jobs on All Over Prints, We Offer  Clients Awesome Specials On 1 Color Back Ground Graphics... 

T-Shirts - $7.95 each ][ Baby Doll T's - $11.95 each ][ Polo Shirts - $13.95 each *** XXL and XXXL shirts add $2.00 each

  • 144 Shirt Absolute Minimum -
  • Sizes and Styles Can be Mixed 
  • Shirt Colors can be mixed with some limitation being that the ink color must be the same on all shirts printed.

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